DC Through the Lens started as a school project, but became much more. A Visual Literacy class I took required us to create an open-ended final project that demonstrated the skills we had learned throughout the semester in design, video, photography and more. I chose to make a project that could showcase my prior photography work along with my video editing skills. I selected a track from Hans Zimmer’s Inception soundtrack. With an excerpt of the track as a baseline in Final Cut Pro X, I organized my photos in the project and added pans, zooms, and special effects to add movement and interest to the video.

Two years later, I returned to the project and expanded it to include the entire track from Inception. By reorganizing the photos, adding in even more of my work, I created an expanded and even better edition of the video. After posting it to YouTube, it went viral and was featured on the DC blogs Cloture Club and FamousDC.