Bright Yellow Hot-Rod

Yellow Car B+W

The above photo is my current Facebook Cover Photo. With two eye-catching bright yellow objects: the distinctive car and the double yellow street lines, the picture was the perfect candidate for selective color removal. Making the rest of the photo black and white really brought those two subjects out and increased contrast added a whole new feel to the entire scene.Yelllow CarHowever, the photo I wanted to showcase here is the full color version of the same photograph. Taken in the mid-afternoon under partly cloudy skies, all the colors really popped–not just the yellow car but the green trees, copper grates and hot pink Victoria’s Secret awnings as well.

Some people may be surprised to learn that this was not a carefully-composed shot. When I first arrived at the outdoor mall, I saw the car and knew it was a great photo subject. What was not immediately clear was how to take a photograph of it that would be interesting (A close-up shot of just the car seemed too obvious and much too boring). After walking around the shops for awhile, I found myself doubling back over the car. As I walked through the crosswalk, the shot became instantly clear. I raised my camera and snapped, hardly even slowing my pace. Having the car in the middle-ground taking up only a small portion of the frame and allowing room for its surroundings proved to be the much more interesting photograph.


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