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Net Neutrality Explained

I wrote this earlier today to explain to a friend in layman’s terms what net neutrality is and why it’s needed. I started with how the Internet works, described how it might operate without net neutrality and then touched on a few other counterarguments and points. I figured it might be useful to some other people, so I’m posting it on my blog. As I’ll cover in a separate post tomorrow, the Internet community has done a good job of condensing this complex technical...
Arizona Sunset

Arizona Sunset

Arizona Sunset is my first ever attempt at a day/night time-lapse. I was presented with a great opportunity to capture a beautiful sunset and took advantage. The logistics of taking a time-lapse when there is such a wide variation in light proved challenging. In addition to careful setup for the shoot, post processing work was required to clean up the photos. However, I think the result speaks for itself. I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait to explore time-lapse photography even...

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